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Royal jelly against pesticides

At Giresun University in Turkey are checking, wether the consumption of royal jelly minimalizes the toxic effects of pestizides. Result: yes, it is a good prevention.

II Hingarian Apitherapy Konference

II Hingarian Apitherapy Konference

Apitherapy books - brossures
Price: 6 000 Ft
Apitherapy to read

Apitherapy to read

Apitherapy books - brossures

Central European Course on Apitherapy / Budapest / Magyarország

prof Li WanyaoCentral European Course on Apitherapy

in memoriam Dr. Beck Bodog - final announcement

There are some hundreds of small apitherapy praxis in China, but there are only two University Clinics, which has an apitherapy department. One of these is the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here is working in the daily praxis Professor Li Wanyao, who will sharing her practical knowledge.

Budapest: birth and education place of dr. Beck Bodog, the author of "The Bible of BEE Venom Therapy".


Li Wanyao professor from the hospital of the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China


Hungarian experts


Central European Course on Apitherapy, Budapest, 22-24 February 2013.

You can find futher information on the courses, education experts, videos on the website of the Hungarian Apitherapy Society. The number of attendees on the courses is limited, if you are interested, please register. If you do not register, but you want to get datailed futher information, sign for english newsletter.


We suggest this course on Apitherapy for you:

- If you are an apitherapeut, or fitoterapeut so you could use the practical knowledge from tomorrow.

- If you are not a natural healer, but you would like to become one, you will get relevant information here.

- if you would like to extend you knowledge in apitherapy.

- If you are a cosmetician, and you would like to extend your salon with the newest bee venom anti aging facial project, and you would like to learn the latest techniques.

- If you would just like to know more about this extra vagant technique.

- If you would like to know, what kind of deseases apitherapy could be used for.

- If you are interested in a treatment plan of untreatable desease of "western medicine" .

- If you are a beekeeper, and would like to have products to extend your profile;

- If you are interested in the Chinese way of thinking on health,

- If you are interested in an ancient massage techique, and you would like to introduce it to your praxis;

- If you would like to meet, and have personal contact to the most interested professionals including doctors, natural healers, beekeepers, cosmeticians, medical masseurs;

- If you are thinking of attending an Apitherapy course in China (cost together minimum 2500 EUR) and before the travel you would like to know the professor more, you would like to know her teaching style, or her knowledge background.


The information collected on this site is preliminary, the major teacher prof Li Wanyao does not have the visa yet. We actualize the information on the webpage. If you register to the newsletter, you will receive actualized information immidiatelly, if it is convinient!



Beginner course: február 22, 2013. (Hungarian language, english, german avaiable only, when enough english/german speaking persons are attending)
Advanced course: február 23 - 24, 2013.

Details about the Central Europena Course on Apitherapy here.

Place: IBS International Business Scool. Budapest, District II, Tárogató street 2-4.  more info: IBS International Business Shool


Bee sting Therapy on autoimun deseases

Very good summary on bee venom therapy by Used in cases like MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, RA, IBS.


2012. október 5-7

17th ANNUAL CMACC (Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course and Conference)


Intorduces following program:


Friday, Oct. 05, AAS Course – Level 1

0700 Registration & Cont.Breakfast (for all)

0800 Welcome (Keller)

0820 General View of Apitherapy [FK]

0920 BVT [TC]

1020 Break (for all)

1040 Adverse reactions to Bee Venom [TC]

1130 Pollen [AK]

1230 Lunch (on your own)

1400 Propolis [GP]

1450 Informed Consent and Legal Issues [TC]

1540 Break (for all)

1600 Honey* [VS]

1700 BVT Workshop (Downs-Higgins)* [D-H]

1900 End of Course

1930 AAS Dinner, or on your own

Friday Oct. 05, AAS Course – Level 2

0700 Registration & Breakfast (for all)

0800 Welcome (Perry)

0820 Apitherapy for Health and Illness [TC]

0920 Bee venom Mechanisms [CK]

1020 Break (for all)

1040 Royal Jelly [VS]

1130 Apitherapy and Psychiatry [MG]

1230 Lunch (on your own)

1400 MS with treatment protocol [FY]

1450 Fibromyalgia [CK]

1540 Break (for all)

1600 Honey* [VS]

1700 BVT Workshop (Downs-Higgins)* [D-H]

1900 End of Course

1930 AAS Dinner, or on your own


Saturday Oct.06 AAS Course Levels 1 & 2,

0700 Registration & Cont. Breakfast (for all)

0800 Course Exam for Level 1 & 2 [Fac]

0930 Correction of Exam–both levels [Fac]

1030 Break (for all)


1050 Autoimmune Diseases [VS]

1150 Combined Oxymel Preparations [CK]

1220 Lunch (on your own)

1350 Apitherapy for Pain [AK]

1440 New Products: Moths, Hive air [VS]

1530 Apitoxin in Hospital setting(patients) [CK]

1630 Break (for all)

1650 Pharmacognosy of bee products [EY]

1750 Annual Mtg. (for all)

1830 AAS Board Mtg. (for Board only)

1900 Dinner (on your own)

Sunday, Oct. 6 Conference continued

0700 Continental Breakfast (for all)

0800 Bee Venom vs Apitoxin [AK]

0900 Veterinary Apitherapy [GP]

1000 Break (for all)

1020 Parkinson’s Disease [FY]

1110 Tincture Preparation [EY]

1140 Apitherapy Preparations [KM-FK]

1250 Hand in Evaluations (by all)

1300 End of Conference







Special training on the usage of bee venom ointment in the facial skincare in our next course!


4th Apimedica & 3rd Apiquality Apimondia International Conference, 22 to 25 October 2012, Zhengjiang (China)

China has long tradition on APITHERAPY. Modern time has China also good results. So we are happy, that APIMONDIA organized the congress here:  APIMONDIA'c conference on Apitherapy and Apiquality.

Hungary had a 3 personen delegation.  Magyar nyelvű hírlevélre regisztráció itt.



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