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The Second World Apitherapy Congress

2019. november 22-24.

A konferencia angol-kínai nyelven zajlik, az infók angolul vannak.


Shaoxing, located in Zhejiang Province, is said as \"the state of cultural relics, the land of fish and rice\" and the first batch of historical and cultural cities in China and the UN Habitat Award City. All of this has made Shaoxing known to the world as the era of health care, the center of the future, and apitherapy for the benefit of the world. The Second World Apitherapy Conference will be held in Shaoxing on November 22-24, 2019. This beautiful ancient city will once again become famous in the world. And the eyes of the world will once again focus on its \"Culture & Health \"


Conference details:


I. Time


22-24 November 2019



II. Location


Keqiao, Shaoxing, China(Junlan Shaoxing Jinghu Hotel • Conference Hall)



III. Theme


Share and Build a New Bee Healing Way


IV. Organization of the Conference:


Organized by: the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Association for Bee Therapy Professional Committee Chinese Ethnic Medicine Society Sponsored by: China Medical University Shaoxing Hospital Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 39 Apitherapy Network



V. Main topics for the session




() Academic exchanges


(1) Global Expert Academic Thematic Meeting on Aiptherapy


(2)Dialogue on the theme of the global bee-care industry


(3) global bee therapy Internet education, training and development industry theme meeting;


(4) global bee-therapy new media dissemination theme meeting;


(5) Apitherapy feature town theme meeting;
(6) Beeswax therapy theme meeting.


() Exhibition and Experience


1, overseas doctors \'workshops, large-scale free clinics;


2, domestic famous workshop;


3, the global Apitherapy scientific research results display;


4, famous hospitals from countries, provinces(cities, districts), Bee treatment hospital and bee products enterprises;


5, Bee tourism, health care, health care;


6, Apitherapy and health management technology and products; 7, other.


() Special Contracts Activities For Cooperation




VI. Participants


1, Members of the World Federation of Apitherapy professional committee;


2, World Apitherapy Think Tank Expert, Co-sponsors;


3, Members of the Chinese National Medical Association Apitherapy Branch;


4, Health and Chinese medicine administrative departments at all levels of management;


5, Apitherapy rooms and personnel who like Apitherapy at various levels of health, education, scientific research institutions;


6, Health information institutions and personnel at all levels;


7, The Global Apitherapy research institutes, schools, experts, scholars;


8,The Global Apitherapy society, associations and Apitherapy, health care institutions and personnel;


9, The global Chinese medicine Apitherapy industry enthusiasts and health service needs.




VII. Organization of the Conference


November 22: Report all day;


November 23: Opening of the General Assembly, thematic report, thematic report, World Apitherapy Night;


November 24: Thematic report, Apitherapy living room;


November 25: Visit;


November 23, 24: Product display, on-site experience.



VIII. Collection of Papers for the Conference


The submission of papers for the conference: by September 30, 2019;


General Assembly slide(PPT) submission deadline: October 30, 2019.


Contribution Box:



IX. Registration


Meeting registration fee: accommodation and transportation are arranged by the conference service group and the expenses are self-care.


Payment before September 30(inclusive): 1300 yuan/person


Payment after October 1(inclusive): 1800 yuan/person


After the participating experts get registered to the organizing committee of the conference, they can pay online and enjoy preferential prices(including before September 30).


Name of remittance account: World Federation of Chinese Medicine Account: 1100060971018002604480


Bank of Communications Beijing Yuhui East Road Branch


Notice:When sending money, please specify: name + Apitherapy meeting



X. Check-in and Hotel Accommodation




1Main Conference Hall Hotel


450 RMB/day/room




2Hotel near the main venue of the conference
Qiao Bo International Conference Center
Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China



XI. Lesion information


: World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association for Apitherapy Professional Committee Secretariat(39 Apitherapy networks) Address: No. 25 Dongsanhuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Tel: 010-87667632




Wu Jie: 13811263153


Song Yinggang: 15210782736


Zhuo Yue: 152010 73223


World Federation of Apitherapy Professional Committee


official website: www.39




Remark: 6 points of class II credits will be awarded at this meeting.


TheWorld Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association For Apitherapy Professional Committee
26 July 2019




The theme of this conference also includes: clinical application research of bee products in different fields; implementation and strategy of hospitals, clinics, individual bee treatments;


such as:


\"Painless Apitherapy - Tibetan Medicine Bee Venom Wax Treatment\" uses natural beeswax, bee venom, propolis, and natural Tibetan medicinal materials to extract \"hidden medicine bee venom wax\" hot compress cream for various pain and rheumatoid arthritis patients. Significant, and the most prominent aspect is that it can reduce the \"red and itchy\" reflection after the bee needle; it is deeply loved by the majority of patients! It is a major research result in the field of external use of bee venom! At present, many clinicians in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, and other applications are in use! Of course, in many Chinese medicine health museums in China, it is also very popular!




Tibetan medicine bee venom wax is specially designed for the conditioning sub-health and disease population. It is found in clinical practice for cold, air conditioning, postpartum conditioning, palace cold, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menopausal syndrome, infertility, chills,  Synovitis, meniscus injury, sprain, kidney deficiency, lumbar disc herniation, rheumatoid arthritis, varicose veins, rheumatoid arthritis, patella softening, cervical spondylosis, bronchitis, rhinitis, sports injuries, urticaria, eczema, each  Seed dermatitis, back pain, leg cramps, lumbar muscle strain, frozen shoulder, abdominal pain, stomach cold, insomnia and other sub-health diseases and certain diseases have peculiar effects, dampness and detoxification, weight loss and fat burning, and strong efficacy, and  It is very effective in relieving the redness and itching pain after bee stings.




You see some intro:

If you have any more questions than do not hesitate to ask the organizers.


Dr. János Körmendy-Rácz


Krj at apiterapia dot hu
Vice President of
Apitherapy Comission of the
World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

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