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A propolisz terápiás felhasználása

Az átekintő cikk felsorolja a propolisz javallatait.

Use as early as 3000 years ago human beings have learned the benefits of propolis, the ancient Egyptians the first to know propolis, propolis produced with mummy, which human understanding and use of propolis in the first example. 200 years ago, the ancient Greek scientist Aristotle (384 BC ~ 322 BC), also found the observation of bees propolis, handed down his famous "Fauna" Vol 9, Chapter 14 records a propolis source, and said: This is irritating smell "black wax" can be used to treat skin diseases, wounds and festering disease.哈罗德特斯 ancient Greek historian (524 BC ~ 485BC) in his book "History," also referred to propolis.

Thus, in ancient times human beings have recognized the benefits of propolis. With the development of science, human-depth research of propolis, propolis role in more and more widely used. Abroad, propolis and its products have become a common health care products.

our understanding of the propolis, research and development started late. 50 years until the 20th century, only a small number of research workers to our preliminary study of propolis, 90 had a great breakthrough. The researchers on the composition of propolis, nature, pharmacology and clinical applications, made a lot of work to make our propolis product development, rapid development in recent years been.

the benefits of propolis is as follows:

(1) in the treatment of hyperlipidemia and hypertriglyceridemia with high viscosity

propolis significantly hypolipidemic effect on the hyperlipidemia of radiotherapy.

(b) the treatment of diabetes

some of propolis flavonoids and terpene compounds can promote the use of exogenous glucose, the role of glycogen synthesis, which there are Some compounds such as catalpol pterostilbene other significant hypoglycemic effect.

(c) the treatment of malignant tumors and swollen sac

animal experiments and clinical practice results show that propolis does have a good anti-cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer , lymphoma, leukemia patients taking large doses of propolis, the tumor growth and metastasis is well controlled, patient survival was significantly prolonged, and some patients have fully recovered.

(d) in the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcer

Propolis tincture can not form a skin and mucous membrane penetration and significant bactericidal anti-inflammatory, to promote tissue regeneration ability, so people use propolis to treat stomach and duodenal ulcer.

(5) in the treatment of chronic enteritis

propolis treatment of chronic colitis, does not make human gastrointestinal disorders group of parasitic fungi, and thus effective and safe treatment.

(6) in the treatment of hypertension

and propolis has a strong antioxidant capacity, not only can reduce lipid peroxidation damage of the blood vessels and prevent hardening of the arteries, and can effective in reducing triglyceride levels, reduce platelet aggregation, microcirculation, can reduce high blood pressure, and thus have some control on the role of hypertension.

(7) in the treatment rhinopathy

acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis and atrophic rhinitis can be cured with Propolis.

(8) Treatment of pharyngitis and tonsillitis

laryngitis with propolis have a good effect.

(9) treatment of dental

propolis in oral health care has many unique functions: bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, deodorant, toothpaste, drugs are worth a multiple function, have a good variety of dental treatment.

(10) treatment of patients with oral mucosal disease

propolis on oral mucosal disease is the most common and recurrent aphthous stomatitis in children with acute infection of the mucosal ulcers results in a good light .

(11) in the treatment of inflammatory ear ear

prone to inflammation, such as otitis media and suppurative inflammation within the tympanic membrane, when these patients deteriorate easily lead to complications and damage hearing. Propolis has anti-inflammatory effect, domestic and foreign health workers through clinical trials to prove Propolis Extracts on otitis media and suppurative inflammation within the tympanic membrane has good effect.

(12) in the treatment paronychia

Propolis Tincture paronychia have a good effect.

(13) in the treatment of herpes zoster herpes zoster

by the varicella zoster virus (V-ZV) caused by people suffering from life-long immunity after chickenpox, not the disease, but latent in the body of the chickenpox virus can decrease the body resistance to re-active, so that a local risk of shingles, such as facial herpes zoster, can be used propolis.

(14) in treatment of skin diseases

propolis for the treatment of skin of foot corns, flat warts, common warts, folliculitis, sweat gland inflammation, boils, sunburn, radiation dermatitis, neurodermatitis, chapped, frostbite, eczema, pruritus, psoriasis, acne, alopecia areata, and alopecia.

(15 treatment) surgical diseases

propolis on cuts, abrasions, lacerations, burns and difficult healing wounds have a good effect. World War II, the two former Soviet Sverdlov surgical hospitals Propolis ointment for healing with excellent results.

(16) in treatment of gynecological diseases

propolis on trichomonas vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, cervical erosion, erosion cervical eversion, cervical endocarditis Deng Jun curative.

(17) in treatment of eye disease

propolis for the treatment of keratitis, conjunctival burns, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, eyelid eczema Dengjun get good results.

(18) in the treatment of other diseases

In addition to these diseases, propolis on hepatitis, prostatitis, thyroiditis, cerebral infarction, senile dementia, hypotension, gastroptosis, colorectal polyps, renal insufficiency, chronic pancreatitis, dysmenorrhea, menopause syndrome, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, urinary tract infections also have treatment and adjuvant therapy.


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