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Frederike Keller (president of the American Apitherapy Association) practising bee sting therapy Reclame at the beginning; Her own creme, 35 USD (Bee Pharm);  Sche is using the same warmer eq. like Dr. Körmendy-Rácz in Hungary (Produced by Apitronics services Canada.); Green Propolis. Proporis Balm 7 USD (c.a. 15 g). Pain management; Bee sting Therapy.

Dr. Ricardo A. Brizuela Apiterapeuta (es) Reumatoid Artritis, Bee sting therapy,

Bee Therapy in Taiwan (national Geographic) Multiple sclerosis; Cheni Chen; Bee sting Therapy; 200 Patient / week, 6000 Bee sting / week; After 600 Bees you will look 5 years younger - he says.

Leanne Combrinck Ahpitherapy. (NUTRICENTRE (Izrael); Products from Dr. Alexander (ru); 30 years development; Tee tree honey has more antiseptic properties.; They feed the bees with special medical plants: marygold, siberian ginseng, red clover, black currant, oak, ... Book in english: James Fearnley: Bee Propolis - natural healing from the hive, Souvenir Press 0-285-63522-0 (172 pages, GBP 7,99) Order:
1) The author Web:
2) Nature's Laboratory Ltd; Brereton Lodge; Goathland, Whitby, North Yorkshire
YO22 5JR United Kingdom; Tel: + 44 (0) 1947 896037; Fax: +44 (0) 1947 896482


Cancer treatment (Sci-net USA) Targeted killinc cancer cells with melittin.


Bee venom therapy (also skin cancer) by Jerry Catana (USA): 6 sec testing time, with 1 hour observation time. 14 mile west of HARPER


Multiple Sclerosis (Life time USA) Kelly 700 Bee stings, after sche had the pain again.

Pat Wagner (USA) Multiple sclerosis Cronic Fatique syndrom; 300 miles / twice a week Charles Gaskill to get the therapy.

Dr. Kochan (Institute for Healing Arts research LOS ANGELES, Santa Barbara)

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